Establish Your Child's Legal Parentage

Establish Your Child's Legal Parentage

Begin the process with an attorney in Glenview, IL

Every child needs a guardian, whether it's their biological parents or an adoptive family. The Law Office Of Clare McMahon LLC will help you fight for custody of your child in Glenview, Illinois. Working with a child custody attorney will increase your chance of success in the courtroom.

Do you need to establish legal parentage for a child? Speak with attorney McMahon about your options today.

3 types of legal parentage cases

When a child's guardianship is in question, you need to build a strong case for the judge. Attorney McMahon has years of experience working with legal parentage cases. She will stand by your side and help you navigate the legal process.

These cases are often used to...

1. Determine a child's biological parents.
2. Establish legal parentage for adoptive parents.
3. Choose legal guardians for a child.

Hire a child custody attorney to help you with this process. The Law Office Of Clare McMahon will walk you through the process step-by-step.