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Establish your child's legal parentage in court.

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Guardian Ad Litem

We'll help you find a guardian ad litem.

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Move your divorce along with help from a mediation attorney.

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Go Over Your Case With Attorney Clare McMahon

A trusted family law attorney

Working through a family law dispute can be hard on your household. With the right legal representation, you can protect your family throughout the process. The Law Office Of Clare McMahon LLC is a family law firm based in Glenview, Illinois. Attorney McMahon wants to help you move through the legal system as easily as possible. She will represent you in court, mediate conversations between you and your partner and go over your parental rights with you.

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About Clare McMahon

Choosing a family law attorney is an important step in your legal dispute. When you work with attorney McMahon, you'll have an experienced lawyer by your side every step of the way. She has more than 10 years of experience practicing family law.

Attorney McMahon is a member of the...

Chicago Bar Association Editorial Board.
Illinois State Bar Association.
Chicago Bar Association.

Whether you need to find a guardian ad litem or you're filing for divorce, you need a reliable family law firm on your side. The Law Office Of Clare McMahon can help you with all your family law matters.

Establishing legal parentage for your child? Make an appointment with family law attorney Clare McMahon today to discuss your options.

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